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Helpful Hints for Searching Through Our Database

Always Remember, LESS IS BETTER!

Specifying LESS information in the search page specifications returns broader ad search results. In turn, more classified ad listings will be displayed. The only specification which MUST be selected is "TYPE".

If you wish to specify MORE information in the various categories of the search page, your search will become more SPECIFIC and only vehicles meeting your provided search criteria will be displayed. This means you will receive fewer results, but they will be targeted only to the type of ads that may interest you.

Keeping the above in mind you may search the database in the broadest possible manner or you may do a VERY specific search for a particular MAKE, MODEL, LENGTH, PRICE and located only in a specific STATE. Making a search this specific would most likely result in few, IF ANY vehicles meeting all of the search criteria being found. If this happens, we suggest that you broaden your search specifications.

Quick Recap:

Limit Ad Search Results to a Specific TYPE of Vehicle

Specify which TYPE of vehicle or craft you wish to view and click the "Search" button near the bottom of the page.

When you arrive on the search results page, you will then be able to sort the listings by YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, STATE, LENGTH, PRICE and NEW or USED vehicles. All you have to do is click the link at the top of the column you wish to sort your results by. You can also click it a second time after the page finishes loading to re-sort the listings in the opposite direction!

How to Search Ads by the MAKE or MODEL

Type in the name of the vehicle make preferred (we suggest only entering part of the name) in the MAKE text field.

Example: Suppose you wish to search for a motor home manufactured by Fleetwood. In the MAKE field, you should only enter the first three letters ( Fle ). This method will display any vehicle whose make begins with "Fle" such as Fleetwood,  Fleetbriar, Fleetsome etc. This is especially useful if the person placing has misspelled the manufacturer's name! You can then go on to limit the search further by specifying a length or length range, price or price range and/or even a specific state where the vehicle is currently located.

The same principle as above apply in searching for a particular MODEL. You may also use it in conjunction with the MAKE field. You should keep in mind that the more specific you make the search the less overall listings you will find.

Limit the Ad Search Results to a Specific YEAR or Range of Years

If you would like to only display vehicles from 1990 to the latest model year available, change the FROM YEAR field to 1990. You can leave TO YEAR as is. This would result in results ranging from 1990 to the current year and you would not have to view vehicles older than 1990.

If you would like to view only vehicles from 1993 through 1996, select 1993 in the FROM YEAR list and 1996 in the TO YEAR list. This would result in a display of all vehicles being listed with a model year between 1993 and 1996.

To view only vehicles of a model year 1995 you would select 1995 in the FROM YEAR list and 1995 in the TO YEAR list. Doing so will result in a display of only vehicles listed with a model year of 1995.

Only Show Ads That Are Within Your PRICE RANGE

If you would like to view only vehicles from $40,000 or higher, enter 40000 in the FROM PRICE field. This would result in a display of all vehicles listed having an asking price of $40,000 or more.

If you would like to view only vehicles from $40,000. minimum to $50,000. maximum. Enter 40000 in the FROM PRICE field and 50000 in the TO PRICE field. This would result in a display listing of all vehicles with an asking price from $40,000 minimum to a maximum of $50,000.

To view only vehicles with an asking price of less than $10,000 enter 10000 in the TO PRICE field. This would result in a display listing of all vehicles with an asking price of $10,000 or less.

Search in a Specific STATE Only

At the STATE/PROVINCE box select "Search All" (default) or select the particular State or Province in which you would like to search for vehicles/vessels. In this results filter you may search for either ALL states or in one particular state or province at a time. All of the delimiting categories above may be used in conjunction with this selections.

How to View a Specific Vehicle LENGTH When Searching

The same principles apply to the LENGTH specifications as the YEAR and PRICE filters stated above. Length only applies to Motorhomes, Travel Trailers (all kinds), Power Boats and Boats Sail.

Sorting the Displayed Search Results

To determine how the results of any search will be sorted and displayed select one of the items in the SORT BY drop down list. NEWEST ADS FIRST (default), STATE, LENGTH, YEAR, or PRICE. The results of your search will be sorted and displayed according to your choice. This sort option may be used in conjunction with any or all of the above search delimiters.

View Only the Ads You Want to See

You may also select the type of ad you wish to view as outlined below:

  • Display All Ads (default)
  • RV Dealer's Ads Only
  • For Sale By Owner Ads
  • Only Ads With Photos
  • Only Ads For New Vehicles
  • Only Ads for Vehicles with Slide Outs
  • Only Ads for Handicap Equipped Vehicles


If your questions were not answered by this document, please feel free to contact customer support.


NOTE: RVclassified makes every effort to ensure all information regarding our ads is correct. However it must be understood that these ads are placed directly by the Seller and RVclassified cannot be responsible for any typographical errors, omissions, misprints, misinformation or incorrect photos. It is the responsibility of any potential purchaser to verify all details with the RV owner before consummating a sale. All communication regarding the purchase or sale of a vehicle is strictly between the Seller and Prospective Purchaser. We strongly recommend both Sellers & Purchasers review our FRAUD ALERTS page before consummating any transaction.

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